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Science InfoTech  is an online Science News Portal. The term “Science Infotech” consist of three words Science, Information and Technology which means the transformation of the world through Science, Information and Technology. The advances in science, information and technology have transformed life around the world.

scienceinfotech.com.np an online digital magazine in Nepalese language operated under Mount Everest Himalaya Publication Pvt. Ltd.; is working for fair news and articles of all areas including Science, Information, Technology, Political, Social, Economic, Cultural, Religious, Life-Philosophy, Entertainment, Literature, Sports, Educational, Health etc. We have been publishing Science Infotech digital magazine with slogan of information through Science and Technology.

This portal is also dedicated to promote the scientific ideas through Science, Information and Technology. Science Infotech is established to aware the People through Science, Information and Technology. Known for bringing together academicians, professors, researcher, scientists and journalists to make an impact on the science and technology discourse of Nepal. For the creation of a prosperous Nepal, Science Infotech believes in the power of science and technology as key to economic development and growth.


The main objective is to promote and enhance the science, information and technology in in national and international level.

– To promote and enhance the scientific ideas, scientific thinking, scientific innovation, scientific research, scientific manpower development in national and international level through Science, Information and Technology.

– To cooperate with Scientific Magazines and Journals, Scientific Communities, National and International Science related organizations in the field of research and development.

– To conduct and participate in conference, meeting, discussion, interaction, training and national and international symposium of Science, Information & Technology.

– To formulate plans, policies and programs for the overall science, information and technology of the Country.

– To promote scientific innovation among students, researcher, scientists, institutions and private sectors in the field of Science, Information & Technology.

– To publish the scientific articles, bulletins, papers, scientific journals, research journals, research books in the field of Science, Information & Technology.

– To solve and publish the Science Curiosities.


Promoting to the national and international level through the means of science and technology for economic prosperity and social transformation of the country.


Our mission is to establish the scientific thinking communities by enhanging the way of thinking of the society through science and technology.