Solanum Xanthocarpum (Kantakari) Mother Tincture

Dr. Ram Bahadur Bohara
Dr. Ram Bdr Bohara

Clinical :

Excellent remedy for hoarseness with cough,catarrh fever,chest pain. Respiratory diseases with aphonia, bronchitis, broncho-pneumonia, retention of urine. It is also a sovereign remedy in asthma. It is also a sure preventive against Smallpox.

Respiratory Symptoms :

Hoarseness with cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma etc.

Fever :

Fever with thirst,aversion to food,burning sensation and pain over whole body.

Urinary Organs :

Stricture,retention or suppression of urine,and stone.

Potency of Choice :

Mother Tincture 2x,3x.

Does :

5 to 10 Drops thrice daily or as required.

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* Dr. Ram Bahadur Bohara is the Chairman of the of Nepal Alternative Medical Development Council and Advisor of Science Infotech.