Glycerine and Its Uses

Dr. Ram Bahadur Bohara
Dr. Ram Bdr Bohara

Glycerine is the common constituent of almost all the fats and oil. Mainly glycerin prepared from the spent soap lyes. Commercially, it is now manufactured from the petroleum product propylene.


  1. It is a clear,colorless,odorless and oily fluid.

  2. It is sweet in taste.

  3. It is soluble in water & alcohol.

  4. Its specific gravity is 1.27.


  1. It is used as medicine in various complaints for its mild antiseptic property.
  2. It is used to absorb the pus in the ear.

  3. It is mixed with olive oil and hot water and given through a syringe per rectum for evacuation of bowels.

  4. It is used for preserving certain animal products.

  5. Glycerin is applied on the ulcer of the tongue and mouth.

  6. Used as external application for its softening action on the skin.

  7. Glycerol is prepared with it for external application.

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* Dr. Ram Bahadur Bohara is the Chairman of the of Nepal Alternative Medical Development Council and Advisor of Science Infotech. 

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