Biography of Dr. Sunil Babu Shrestha i.e VC of NAST

Introduction and Experiences

Dr. Sunil Babu Shrestha is also a Vice- Chancellor and an Academician of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST). Dr. Shrestha has served the nation two times( 2009, 2015-2018)  as  a member of  National Planning Commission, Government of Nepal with portfolio covering Housing and Urban Development, Water Supply and Sanitation, Science and Technology, Local  Development and Federal Affairs and Public Private Partnership. Dr. Shrestha has gained more than 20 years experiences, working in different organizations (Private, Government and Non-government) in various professional and administrative capacities. He had leading contribution in infrastructure sector for the preparation of Fourteen National Plan of Nepal, Preparation of Integrated Planned Urban Development Guidelines, Preparation of Concept and Salient features of SMART City for Nepal, Preparation of policy guidelines for Smart Village, Food Green City, Cooperative Housing and Preparation of National Report of Nepal for Third United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Development (Habitat-III). He was main contributor to introduce “One City-One Identity (OC-OI)” an innovative concept for Urban Development in Nepal.

He has also served as a member of Task Force formed by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Government of Nepal to draft policy on Technical & Vocational Education and Skill Development (TVESD) and National Qualification Framework in 2018.


Dr. Shrestha had Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering and Master of Science in Urban Planning from Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He earned Doctor of Engineering in Environmental Development Engineering in 2004 from Osaka Sangyo University (OSU), Japan. He trained from Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS),  Netherland in Urban Management Tools for Climate Change; from Weitz Center for Development Studies, Israel in Green Economy-Policy Measures and Implementation of Green Growth; from The Institute for Public-Private Partnerships (IP3) USA, in Infrastructure Project Financing Strategies and Techniques and from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Thailand, in Public Private Partnership; from  Rotterdam University, Netherland; in Urban Environment Management, Refresher Course in Social and Gender Dimensions of Urban River Restoration: Lesson from Asian Cities.

Medals and Awards

He had honoured with many medals and awards like Science and Technology Youth Award (2011) from Nepal Academy of Science and Technology; Youth Talent Award (2010) from Government of Nepal, Ministry of Youth and Sports; Excellent Youth Award with Gold Medal (2009) from Nepal Jaycees; Youth Professional Award (2009) from Nepal Engineers Association etc. for his special contribution to the science and technology, engineering and environment field.


He has authored a book called A Sustainable City Planning Methodology for 21st Century (Concept of Food Green City) and had number of articles published in the field of Sustainable Urban Development and Planning,  Environment, Climate Change, Solid Waste Management, Housing, Public Private Partnership, Green Economy, Food Green City and Cooperatives. He has also published two books on literature:  Samjhana Bagaicha (Memory Garden), a collection of memory description of Japan and  Bhawana as Taswirharu (Emotioal Potrait), a collection of poems.


He is the Fellow Member of Nepal Engineers’ Association (NEA) and active life members of the professional societies like Regional and Urban Planners’ Society of Nepal (RUPSON), Nepal Phd Association (NPA), Nepal GIS Society (NGIS) and Nepal Council of World Affairs (NCWA). Dr. Shrestha is also an expert member of Nepal Forum for Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ).

Vision & Strategy about NAST

Science & Technology is the discipline of knowledge, which influences every walk of modern human civilization. In the context of current national drive for “Prosperous Nepal and Happy Nepali”, the role of Science and Technology becomes pivotal. We are at the crucial juncture of our country’s history, where we have no liberty to fail or remain stagnant.  We have to inculcate scientific temperament and industrious habits in our society, being equipped with scientific knowledge and technical skills. We must try to break the boundaries of low innovation trap through divergent thinking. In order to achieve these objectives, there should be revision of scientific curricula at all levels. Higher studies in S&T must be connected to Research, Development, and Innovation.  New knowledge and technical skills need to be linked with industrial production. Only then will we be able to pave the way for prosperous Nepal.

Following are the key areas on which NAST will be focused in the days ahead.

    • Mobilization of entire society for technology preservation, transfer, adaptation, modernization, and diffusion in societies, especially through youth in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) activities, for Social Transformation under a campaign “ Science for Society”
    • Scientific research focused on knowledge generation and  problem solving under a campaign “ Result Oriented Research”
    • Promotion of  Innovation and  Entrepreneurship under a campaign “Innovation for Prosperity”
    • Academia – Professional Societies- Government- Industries Partnership under a campaign “Public-Private-People Partnership”
    • Proportionate progress through Scientific temperament in all sectors of STI and  at all levels of governance under a campaign “ Science Justice”
    • Enhancement of international cooperation and collaboration in STI under a campaign “ Science Diplomacy”
    • Facilitate to conserve and modernize local knowledge and technologies with Mapping Local Knowledge and technologies.
    • Above all, Develop NAST as an Institution having  Smart Technology with Motivated and  Smart People under a campaign “ Smart NAST”

As a leader, I will leave no stone unturned during my tenure to revitalize NAST through its activities and establish itself as a vibrant premier institution of Nepal in true sense. In this voyage, I extend my hearty welcome for your active participation, collaboration, suggestions, and / or constructive criticism to take the Academy to a new height of its glory.

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