Useful Information about Lemon

Useful Information about Lemon ! Citric acid and lemon polyphenol in side lemon juice, can help reduce high blood pressure, effective prevention of deep vein thrombosis, improve blood circulation, and reduce blood clots.

1. Drinking hot lemon water can prevent cancer. Don’t add sugar. Hot lemon water is more beneficial than cold lemon water.

2. Both yellow n purple sweet potato have good cancer prevention properties.

3. Hot lemon water can sustain your health and make you live longer.

4. Hot lemon water kills cancer cells.

5. Add hot water to 2-3 slices of lemon. Make it a daily drink.

6. The bitterness in hot lemon water is the best substance to kill cancer cells.

7. Cold lemon water only has vitamin C, no cancer prevention.

8. Hot lemon water can control cancer tumor growth.

9. Clinical tests have proven hot lemon water works.

10. This type of Lemon extract treatment will only destroy the malignant cells, it does not affect healthy cells.

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