Bhim Sunar of Baglung made mini car using wood and motorcycle parts

KATHMANDU, Feb 20, 2017 :  Bhim Sunar of Baglung has displayed a car made from wood and motorcycle parts today organizing a press conference at the Reporters’ Club Nepal. He is an optimistic creative guy. He says he can make anything if the Government supported him.

The 18 year old, who is studying in Class 12 in Shree Shubha Higher Secondary School, said his interest in science and technology had inspired him to engineer the model car. He added, “I had displayed a ‘model dozer’ in an Instructional Materials Exhibition program at school when I was in 10th grade. I have also made a Robot, helicopter, and a boat.”

“I made this sample car because I am interested in technology and invention, and with an aim to show my talent in the field of science,” he added. Painted in bright red, the model car looks like a nano-mini jeep. The car’s body is made of plywood. He has used motorcycle parts like engine, side lights, tail light, mirror and rear-view mirror. He said it took him about a month to make the vehicle.

Sunar also showed the TVs and news media driving the car for some time. Young Sunar said that such talents should not be ignored by the government. “I am not the only one with such talents. There are thousands of them. If our government takes responsibility of such talents, our country can benefit in long-term.” He added.

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