Discoverey of Uranium, Petrol and Salt Mine in Mustang

June 30: The officials of ‘Department of Mines and Geology’ have returned Kathmandu from Mustang after completing survey on exploration of Uranium, Petrol and Salt mine in Mustang. The officials team claims that, “Further information about Mustang has been discovered after the primary survey done about Uranium exploration in Upper Mustang, Lomang Thang in the year 2070/71.

‘Department of Mines and Geology’ has also formally confirmed the availability of Petroleum deposit in Muktinath and Salt mine in Tetang of Chunsang VDC. On the primary research done in 2070/71 B.S, the Mines and Geology Department had found Uranium deposits about 10 km in length and 3 km in width. New and positive discovery of Uranium mine has been discovered that have made  more excited about the project.  The found Uranium is in huge amount with high quality.

Uranium can be used for making Nuclear weapon and Fueling purpose. Besides, lack of proper regulation in Mining sector and appealed government to draft proper rule for Uranium exploration and Mining. As per Mining Department, Uranium mine is also found in Makwanpur, Baitadi, and Bhajang districts. Based on the recent research has confirmed about the availability of Petroleum material in Muktinath area and salt mine in Tetang.

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