Motorcycle which runs with water by student of class 10

Science makes impossible things to Possible. How much do you spend petrol for your motorcycle or you love motor cycle but will you stay away from its expenses? People who are fading up with these expenses imagine about motorcycle which runs with water. And people there are good news for you. You may ride on motorcycle which runs with water in near future. Yes, it’s true a student of India from grade 10 has made this possible through his model of motorcycle which runs with water.Despite of its running from water feature it has proved to give good mileage too.

This motorcycle runs 270 km with a liter of water. This motorcycle runs with so there no chance of dreadful accident. Another specialty of this bike is that to make it only 3,040 was invested.The student with name Nityashis Bhandari, is going to display it model in 42th State level of Science, mathematics and environment Exhibition -2015. Bhandari has changed petrol bike into water bike with is more reliable economically and environmentally. He has used three plates of hydrogen silica in 3/7 fit engine which changes water into oxyhydrogen gas. In spite of that this bike needs petrol to start at first. According to Nityashis this process can be apply in other auto-mobiles which makes smalls cars easy to run. In this kit voyage-able and digital watt can also be used.

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